Indonesia Open Infrastructure Day 2019

Hotel Golden Tulip Legacy
Jl. Mayjen HR. Muhammad No. 269, Surabaya, Indonesia

Date & Time
Saturday, November 2nd 2019


08.00 – 08.50
Main Room
08.50 – 09.00
09.00 – 09.40
Keynote #1: Dondy Bappedyanto, CEO at Biznet GIO – Open Infrastructure for Data Sovereignty
09.40 – 10.20
Keynote #2: David Iles, Senior Director World Wide Ethernet Switch at Mellanox Technologies – Mellanox brings webscale Innovations to Any Cloud (EN)
Saphire Room
10.20 – 10.50
Coffe Break

Kubernetes Doc Translation Sprint and New Contributor Workshop

Main Room
10.50 – 11.30
Keynote #3: Kaspar Situmorang, EVP at BRI – Accelerating Indonesian Microfinance with Open Infrastructure Stacks (ID)
11.30 – 12.30

Lightning Talks:

  • Fachrizal Fahmy – Gitlab CI/CD Android (ID)
  • Syah Dwi Prihatmoko – OpenStack Instance Monitoring with Prometheus + Grafana (ID)
  • Husni Alhamdani – Scalable Jenkins on top of Kubernetes (ID)
  • Estu Fardani – Buid DevOps Culture from Zero (ID)
12.30 – 13.30
Lunch Break
Ball Room
Saphire Room
Jade Room
(Lt. 6)
Onyx Room
(Lt. 6)
13.30 – 14.00
Ibrahim Zein Abdillah & Restu Nursobah – Establishing Service Function Chaining Architecture on OpenStack for Internet VNF Use-case (ID) Aditya Satrya – How to Code, Deploy, and Operate Cloud-Native Apps Using Kubernetes (EN) Didiet Agus Pambudiono – Simple Log Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana (EN) Ahmad Saufi Maulana – Introduction to Traefik (ID)
14.00 – 14.30
Zufar Dhiyaulhaq – SONA: SDN based OpenStack Networking (ID) Alan Adi Prastyo – Implementation Blue Green Deployment with Istio on Kubernetes Container Orchestration (EN) Ananda Dwi Rahmawati – Linkerd 2.0 Observability, Reliability, and Security, Ultralight Service Mesh for Kubernetes (ID) Indar Sugiarto – Pak Carik GPU-Accelerated Platform for AI Research (EN)
14.30 – 15.00
Muhammad Fadli Nurhasan – Barito: Logging Platform behind our Super App (ID) Wahyuni Puji – The Journey to Implement CI/CD in Higher Education Institutions (ID) Bachril Qirom – Buildah, Podman and Skopeo for Better and Secure Container Management Tools (ID) Yusuf Al Afid – Build Secure Container Infrastructure with Kata Container (ID)
15.00 – 15.20
Coffe Break
Main Room
15.20 – 15.50

Lightning Talks:

  • Muhammad Ilham Syariffuddin – Integrating Serverless Computing to Kubernetes Cluster using Terraform (ID)
  • Mohammad Febri Ramadlan – Cloud Security: Securing the Invisible Thing (EN)
15.50 – 17.20

Panel Discussion: How Open Infrastructure Communities and Businesses Build Advantageous Collaborations (ID)

  • Giri Kuncoro, Software Engineer at Gojek & CNCF Ambassador
  • Endy Muhardin, Senior Consultant at Artivisi Intermedia
  • Ahmad Haris, CTO at SKK (Sakti Link)
  • Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Open Networking Indonesia Initiator, ONF Ambassador
  • Andi N. Dirgantara Lead of Facebook Developer Circles Malang, Lead Data Engineer at Traveloka
  • Yusuf Hadiwinata Sutandar, VP Operations & Services at Biznet GIO

Moderator: Utian Ayuba, Ceo at Btech

17.20 – 17.30

Statistik Terkini | Current Statistics:

Pendaftar | Registrants: 560
Peserta | Attendees: 455
Pembicara | Speakers: 28

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The Indonesia Open Infrastructure Day 2019
Perumahan Taman Cimanggu Jl. Tanjung VIII No. 14 Bogor Indonesia 16164
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